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Shadow Run Red Sky At Night


After Dark Litter (Croc X Tea; Breeding) (2007) MD=N/N

Owned by Barbara Houghton of Benton City, WA. Little Skye, he has had a hard start, but is determined to be the best he can be. At 13 weeks old an accident on Thanksgiving broke his rear leg. But weeks later when the last xray was done. The vets were surprised that there was not a single sign of a break. Skye has fully recovered from his injury, and is making his home with Barbara Houghton and Denny, they fell in love with this bundle of energy and took him home and now he is a part of their whippet family and is loved and spoiled at his new home in Benton City, WA. Skye's name has been changed to Bee Gee.

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